Seamless Medical Practice

With a customized solution, your entire operation can be run more smoothly, more profitably and with noticeably better results. Seamlessly linking practise management, patient communications, revenue cycle management puts total control and granular access to every byte of useful data. You can access your practise management, patient records, billing and finances from your dashboard which integrates each part of your business. Every healthcare provider is different, so we create unique solutions for every client, with the most detailed, industry specific delivery models in the business.

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets means mobile access for patients, staff and management through apps is an essential service for any hospital. Linking people with an immediacy and convenience which would have been unheard of five years ago, mobile healthcare is booming. We can help you deploy mobile services quickly, effectively and with minimum hassle.


  • Higher turnover, increased profits.
  • More effective clinical workflow.
  • Simplified practise management including scheduling, reminders.
  • Better control and lower overheads.
  • Insurance claims paid quickly, over 90% first time.
  • Easier access, open communication and an enhanced patient experience.
  • Co-ordinated care, registration, billing, insurance pre-certs, claims.
  • Immediate return on investment.
  • Streamlined business processes.
  • Replace manual operations with automated solutions.
  • Reduce the time to close.
  • Fewer admin overheads and ancillary staff.
  • More cross walk and more flexible solutions for patients.