Few projects that showcase our skills

Miami Children's Hospital

Miami Children's Hospital.

Miami Children’s Hospital, is a world leader in pediatric healthcare. With a medical staff of more than 650 physicians and over 3,500 employees, the hospital is renowned for excellence in all aspects of pediatric medical care from birth through adolescence. Miami Children’s Hospital offers more than 40 pediatric specialties and subspecialties, and is home to Florida’s only free-standing pediatric trauma center. At Miami Children’s Hospital their goal is to provide the best pediatric healthcare in the world. From their humble beginnings to today’s world-class facilities and research institute we strive to serve to provide the very best to children worldwide. www.mch.com

Patient Point

Patient Point.

PatientPoint® is an innovator and leading provider of patient and physician engagement programs at the point of care, and along the broader continuum of care. Our award-winning health information and patient-physician engagement programs drive meaningful outcomes for patients, healthcare providers and program sponsors. Our programs improve treatment plan adherence, close gaps in care and increase the effectiveness of physician practices and hospitals, while reducing operating costs and improving efficiency. Program sponsors gain targeted ways to engage with patients and physicians along the entire continuum of care. Patients see improved health outcomes and increased satisfaction with their healthcare experience.www.patientpoint.com

Multi Plan

Multi Plan.

Founded in 1980, MultiPlan is the industry’s most comprehensive provider of healthcare cost management solutions. With almost 900,000 healthcare providers under contract, an estimated 57 million consumers accessing our network products, and 110 million claims processed through their networks each year, gives them more of the experience and resources healthcare payers in the commercial healthcare, government, workers’ compensation and auto markets need to face today’s unprecedented cost and competitive pressures. In addition to offering regional PPO networks in Wisconsin and the southwest, they are the only company that can offer access to the leading independent national primary PPO as well as our complementary network, and negotiation and medical reimbursement services through a single electronic submission.www.multiplan.com

P4 Healthcare

P4 Healthcare.

P4 Healthcare is the preferred online health care community,providing comprehensive customized solutions that enhance the quality of patient care and increase efficiencies for Physicians, Patients, Pharmaceutical companies, and Payers. P4 Healthcare provides comprehensive, customized health care management solutions that increase practice efficiencies and enhance the quality of patient care. By partnering with the leading specialty therapeutic practices across the nation, P4 connects physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and payers to bring these practices new and innovative solutions to important business challenges—from practice efficiency and quality improvement programs to superior patient care solutions.www.p4healthcare.com