AI Solutions
AI Solutions:

Mahathi in partnership with AndorHealth, has created the state-of-the-art virtual health platform using AI technology. This solution which is currently being used by top ranked US hospitals such as the National Institutes of Health uses voice and text commands to bring patient’s information directly into the collaboration channel, this prevents the need for clinicians to pull information from multiple source systems.

AI Platform for Care Teams:

The intelligent platform designed by the Mahathi team can:

- Easily activate, provision and monitor in-room and remote devices for patients

- Surface critical alerts and signals, allowing for quickly virtual consultations on-demand

- Easily review and interact with bots to retrieve clinical and patient intelligence from patient records

- Drive enhanced care coordination, care team efficiency and better decision-making to improve overall patient outcomes

AI platform for patients:

- Daily and routine check-ins with patients to monitor clinical progress and patient satisfaction

- Allow patients to automatically connect with family members and invite them into virtual collaborations

- Allow patients to self-report important clinical metrics, or enable Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices to automatically capture vital intelligence