Secure Communications
Secure Communications

Mahathi team is not only an expert in developing state of the art healthcare solutions, but are also proficient in creating solutions that meet regulatory requirements. A perfect example of this is the secure communications platform they created in partnership with Andorhealth. The product has a robust configuration tool that allows personalization of notifications, actions from other electronic health records, all with a state-of-the-art easy to use interface. The tool was also built with comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.

Acute care communications and collaboration:

- Notifications to primary care physicians for patient events

- Attending physician / primary care consultation and chat rooms

- Critical lab notifications

- Emergency department hold and hospital throughput notifications

Ambulatory communications and collaboration:

- Daily patient summary list for care teams

- Outpatient surgical schedule

- Microsoft Teams and calendar integration

Post acute communications and collaboration:

- Community care notifications & chat rooms

- Discharge & transfer notifications

- Discharge summaries & instructions

- Post-Acute information sharing