COVID 19 Solutions
COVID-19 Solutions

Mahathi team, utilizing their knowledge in AI technology and their experience in healthcare, created a solution to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The AI enabled video and voice technology solution helps drastically improve collaboration, while delivering key information at the right place at the right time.

Mitigate Exposure Risks

- COVID-19 contactless triage at all entry points

- Contactless visitor health screening questionnaires

- Critical lab notifications

- Virtual patient screening through Telehealth enablement

Back-to-Work Recovery & Ongoing
Infection Control for Employers

The Toolkit created by Mahathi and AndorHealth provides a comprehensive virtual platform to help organizations implement ongoing infection control measures to reduce the risk of outbreaks in their workplaces – from pre-arrival screening through reporting and analytics.

Pre-arrival Screening and Education

- Initial and ongoing remote safe-to-work questionnaires

- Education on safe return-to-work protocols

- Continuous identification, evaluation and monitoring of safe-to-return employees

On-site Daily Screening

- Daily on-site questionnaires and symptom assessments

- Integration with HR, time & attendance, and other workforce management systems

Telehealth Enablement

- Telehealth enablement for contactless triage, diagnosis, and treatment

- The AI enabled virtual assistant identifies keywords and other critical content in physicians’ communications and automatically recommends notes and triggers that can be added to patient charts

Contact Tracing

- COVID-19 and antibody testing results data tracking and reporting

- Monitoring of individuals exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms

- Automated contact tracing via text/SMS to track exposure and history to maximize productivity and reduce manual phone calls

- Support and treatment options for workers who test positive for the COVID-19 virus

Reporting and Analytics

- Daily and weekly reporting of employee contact tracing for HR tracking

- Contact tracing and exposure reporting

- State and federal regulatory reporting for regulatory compliance

- Integration with HR and occupational health systems